Rollei ActionCam 300 Plus

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Features 140° Super Wide Angle Lens Incl. 900 mAh lithium-ion battery Incl. underwater / protective case for depths up to 40 meters Battery run time up to 120 minutes Fully compatible with the extensive GoPro accessories and geared precisely to the needs of athletes and action enthusiasts. As a sturdy companion with full HD resolution at 30 frames per second, the 300 plus has a powerful battery that records your activities for up to 120 minutes on a 32 GB class 10 microSD memory card (not included). In addition to the mandatory backdoor that allows divers and snorkelers to use all necessary functions, a backdoor that is just splash-proof is also included helps "onshore" audio recordings to sound better. Underwater athletes enjoy the neutral buoyancy bobber, which now directly forms part of the accessories and no longer has to be purchased separately. Can be mounted almost anywhere - safely! The Rollei Actioncam comes with safe Secure Release System as standard. The connection between the camera and the mounting plate for adhesive pads is stable, but immediately releases the camera upon sudden high impact. This prevents dangerous injuries like in comparable systems in the automotive industry or even ski bindings. Rollei Actioncam accessories - there is nothing more compatible Rollei and GoPro cameras and accessories are the perfect match. Professionals who like to use the 300 series action cams as a backup camera or like to record spectacular scenery with a fully fledged action cam from an additional perspective really appreciate it. You can easily swap and use all accessories. Of course, the Rollei 300 Plus again has a comprehensive accessory set - with various mounts, an extension, a neutral buoyancy bobber, the safety pad with SRS and high-end 3M adhesive pads. A favourite concerning price-performance The Rollei Actioncam 300 Plus is not only unparalleled in this price range and it offers the latest technology together with a wide range of accessories to action-loving athletes, action filmmakers, as well as professionals who need a well-priced but absolutely high-value backup or second camera. Így is ismerheti: ActionCam300Plus
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